Networking ‘Power’ at Your Disposal

Being anxious while networking is the #1 cause of lost opportunity.

Why? Because we get very uptight when it doesn’t seem like we are getting out of our networking effort what we think we should.

Finally, you can understand the essence (the ‘Power’ center) that makes networking tick.



My new book shows you how to capitalize on the true nature of networking, which will open the doors for you to ‘Spot’ those Results Oriented Networking Partners
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An expanded example of your conversation upon first meeting someone along with explanation on why this is such an effective means of finding your desired networking partners.

Only the truly engaged networker can keep their head when there is a new face in front of them. Learn how to keep the conversation going and why this approach is so engaging and effective.

One of the most effective networking tools which ensures you use effective and results-oriented questions all the time.

See how I use Author Bob Burgs’ 10+1 questions, use them to develop your own answers, AND have them at your fingertips when you most need them.

Access to a video testimonial used in the book, however here you can see and hear more than the printed copy; there are more insights revealed that could make or break your networking journey.

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