BobArnold_med1For Bob, networking’s essence is a lifestyle.

Through the power of face-to-face meetings, his unique approaches, attitudes, and groups have resulted in networking success for hundreds of people.

His leadership in Networking WOW for the Greater Medina Area Chamber of Commerce, in the I-71 Buzz BNI group, and in various planning initiatives he’s orchestrated paints him as “The Networking Guru” in the lives he touches.

When Shawnda Boysal, Group Leader with Rodan + Fields, was asked how Bob’s teaching has affected her networking, she said “Well…I’m not afraid. That’s it—I’m not afraid anymore! Bob did that!”

He’s the author of the #1 International Best Selling book:

The Uncanny Power of the Networking Pencil

The Natural, No-Anxiety Way to Spot Results-Oriented Networking Partners—Fast!

As “The Networking Speaker” and mastermind mentor, he connects with his network and audiences through his unique approaches to growth issues for the businesses and students he touches.

When Bob works with college students, such as at Ashland University; his multi-step programs introduce them to the power of networking and demonstrate first-hand how this power will change their life and career journey forever.
Beth Bridges, bestselling author says that this “…is your opportunity to listen in on the thought process of someone who took themselves from a ‘people-flower’ to an experienced and effective networker who helps others do the same.”

Along with his 35+ years of architectural practice, Bob has learned and developed his understanding of effective networking to where he finally put an identity on the essence that drives us in our networking and opened the vault to results-oriented networking for us all.

Over the last 10 years, Bob created Networking WOW for the Greater Medina Area Chamber of Commerce in Medina, OH where networking is not only practiced, but taught. Many learn through the interactive discussions and demonstrations he uses to display how networking interacts in our lives and puts an end to the crippling anxiety that halts many in their tracks.

Starting in 2018, Bob is developing a unique style of networking group–The ‘Pencil Points’ Networking Workshop–where attendees and members will be able to tap into Bob’s unique style of developing effective networking in the lives of networkers. This is accomplished through his focus on networking partners an topical networking discussions that result in producing real energy in a persons networking efforts. “Finally, someone who gets it!” says one of Bob’s marketing mentors, Dan Cricks of Results Marketing.

Along this vein of thought Bob’s client and friend, Ken Clickenger, retired Berea City School District Business Manager, has this to say, “When Bob says to treat each other as “people,” he lives it and as much as I interact with other people, I can attest that an awful lot of his attitude about others rubbed off on me…it would do you a world of good to be involved in his programs!”

Engage with Bob through his “Bob’s Pencil Points” blog (join blog here) or by emailing him at and letting him know your thoughts. You’ll feel how he gets inside the real and deep issues with networking.

Now let’s get on with the networking.




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