Three Tips that Will Up Your Referrals by 200%…

…and that’s Just for Starters!

I hear it all the time when I talk with networkers—especially from those who are trying to become better at their business networking; “What techniques do you suggest I use to be better at networking?”

First, we should define what you mean by ‘…be better…’  I can assume things, but have been surprised when I simply ask what they mean by “Being better.” Let’s assume, for this post, you mean that you want to be more effective at connecting with those in the room who will provide you with more referrals (since that is what’s in our title).

Now—I’m going to surprise you! The first thing you can do to get more referrals is to not implement networking techniques at all!

My favorite talk when I’m brought into a company event to train employees, agents, or a sales force is to have them focus on their ‘mindset’—as this is where the real networking starts. It’s impossible to have success in your networking if all you focus on is technique. If your mind and heart are not in it, you won’t feel like you’ve had any success at all.

The three tips?

  1. Make sure you don’t treat the people in the room like a business—treat them like ‘people!’ People do business with people, not businesses. People hire you, not businesses. People have interests, not businesses.
  2. Don’t think about what you will be saying (or asking) next. In other words; quit focusing on yourself. Keep your focus on the person in front of you.
  3. Don’t spread yourself too thin by trying to meet everyone in the room—keep to 5 people that you spend some time with. As you do this and talk with them, listen to what they are saying and ask them follow up questions as the discussion progresses. Don’t ask ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ questions—ask questions that take a sentence or two to answer.

These three things are a mind-shift for you—especially since you’re so used to talking about yourself and your business.

Bonus Tip: Don’t think of yourself as a ‘Business’ either—you’re a person. Act like one!

ONward, Bob Arnold

p.s.; I’m available for short term or long term training of employees, agents, or a sales force on the key points of networking—all the way from beginning mindset to detailed, targeted networking which is where the 200%+ referrals hide.

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The Networking Pencil

The Networking Pencil

It’s Time to Stop Saying:

“I Get So Nervous When I Network!”
“I’ve had enough—Networking doesn’t work!”

And Start Saying:

“WOW—Networking does work & I’m Not Anxious At All!”

Being anxious while networking is the #1 cause of lost opportunity.
Why? Because we get all uptight when we don’t think that we are getting out of it what we think we should.
Finally, you can understand the essence that makes networking tick.


About Bob

About Bob

“Hi, I’m Bob Arnold.
I know I’m supposed to write this Bio in the third person, but I don’t meet people in the third person, so I will introduce you to ‘Me’ as if you are standing right in front of me, right now.”

I’ve been a networker, architect, and land planner for over 38 years now and am an entrepreneur, author, and notable networker in everything I do. My career in both architecture and networking is focused on helping people realize their potential. I’ve studied and implemented networking so much throughout my career that I’ve graduated from a hideous wallflower status to now being a mentor on deep networking.

My passion and desire is to see, guide, and mentor people so they can develop the ‘sweet spot’ in their career, business, family, and community where they then find success. This desire’s been the inspiration to develop several mentoring programs that still help guide many in their daily and business lives.

As an architect, the focus is on projects where clients are guided into the path of profit through a unique program called “YOUR SynergyPAD.” It’s an effective, fun and intuitive way to find the best avenue of utilizing a client’s facility as an asset to the business rather than allowing it to be a liability.

As an author, I invite you to engage with my exploration into the ‘essence’ of networking through my new book titled, The Uncanny Power of the Networking Pencil—The Natural, No-Anxiety Way to Spot Results-Oriented Networking Partners—Fast! This book will give you the tools you need to turn your networking into a lifestyle, rather than a business activity. I firmly believe that effective networking is the very beginning of the marketing and sales process and can bring many benefits and sales to your door.

As a networker, over 25 years of learning and practicing the art of networking has resulted in mentoring business people through my uniquely designed “Networking Success Mastermind” groups, where the focus is on Networking Your Way to Success.

Monthly at the Greater Medina Chamber of Commerce program Networking WOW, I lead the attendees through engaging topics on networking. WOW’s purpose is to provide teaching, discussion and effective networking contacts for its attendees. As Organizer/Director of the group, I design the monthly topic of interest, and mentor the attendees through lively discussions on networking’s finer points.

I’m also an 8+ year member of the I-71 Buzz BNI group (Business Network International) which focuses on developing a referral-based network. As a past president of the group, I was determined to develop a mentoring program aimed at turning new members into savvy networkers. The program has been adopted by the North and East regions of BNI in Ohio as their mentoring program of choice and I help guide chapters onto paths of success with their members.

I invite you to explore the many facets of how networking can enhance your life and business, and along the way we can get to know each other much better. I truly look forward to that. Below are a couple of ways you may contact me and I encourage you to do so if you have questions or input.

Now let’s get on with the networking.




Networking Success Mastermind
Arnold Architectural Strategies, LLC
PO Box 426
Medina, Ohio 44258

In Your Face…

…is how true networking is best done!

Now, before you place your fingers around my throat and squeeze, let me explain.

With the vast expansion of the online networking social sites, there has come along the attitude and belief that all networking can be done online. It simply isn’t true. The online social sites can be used to get a relationship started with someone, however when it gets to the level of trusting someone, we human beings need to have the face-to-face encounter to cross the barrier of trust.

There are far too many clues about a person’s character that we pick up at a face-to-face meeting that we miss when engaging someone online.

What are your thoughts on the matter? I’d love to hear.

ONward, Bob