What’s In a Journey?

April 30, 2018


A ‘Journey’ twists and turns on us;
aaaaaaA ‘Journey’ holds the name because of what it is;
aaaaaaaaaaaaYet, it is this very uncertainty that makes it valuable!

Back on 12-20-2017, I wrote to you that this blog was a ‘restart’ for Pencil Points and that I would be posting more often then I had been doing.

I continually find that our Journey’s twist and turn. We want & see a straight line from where we are to where we want to go. What we don’t see are all the ups n down’s, turnarounds, roundabouts, cliffs we must climb, and the ponds we must swim. I’m in the middle of all of those, it seems.

I have Networking insight I want to give to you, and find myself not able to get it on the paper and in your inbox. As you may know, I’m an Architect and I have had several critical projects come my way this Winter and Spring—of which I must focus on and spend a lot of time on in order to complete, so it has slowed this blog down.

I write that to you in an attitude of accountability, because I want to write to you in this blog & intend to do so. Yet, I must get the other work done also.

I believe many of you are facing some of the same struggles in your work life also. There are things you want/need to get done yet your work load is such that your time is called for.

I’ve had several people come to me recently and tell me that they have had to give up the volume of networking they had been doing. Several have even told me that they see it hurting the future of their business.

It’s time to be selective in your networking—you know I preach that in The Uncanny Power of the Networking Pencil book. You just can’t possibly be at every networking event that comes across your inbox—no matter how much marketing pressure you’re put under. Examine what you attend and make sure you’re attending the ones that will bring you value.

A young woman was recently directed by a friend of hers to one of my networking events because it is “…different in its approach and feel.” Sharon attended and wrote me later that she “…appreciates the low key, friendly, community feel that it had.” That’s pretty cool, because she went on to say that she got a lot out of the event & knows she will continue to do so.

My events are not for everyone; I know that; however, people are finding that they learn a lot more about the real essence of networking by attending these events, plus they find the anxiety is not present in the room (networking anxiety is the #1 killer of effectiveness at networking groups). So, as you network, I hope you are finding real networking partners that can work for you as much as you want to work for them. At the beginning of Chapter One in the “Networking Pencil” book, I wrote “There is a side of networking that turns us into mere images. I’m sorry, but I’m a “Person,” not an image!” (Page 27)

I live that every day, whether it’s with my clients, a networker, or friends, it’s important to see them as ‘People.’

This blog, “Bob’s Pencil Point’s” is simply to help you remember that life-changing principle during these hectic times of our lives so that you are able to move forward and find the networking partners that you need in your life and business.

I am calling you to join with me in this endeavor and let’s explore networking together. There’s much more to learn about how to be successful at networking than meets the eye.

I also hope you will engage with it on my website and help us all to grow by your engagement and experiences.

See below for a group and a couple of events you may want to be involved with.

Pencil Points Workshop:

Title: Your Networking Partner
Wednesday, May 23, 2018
Location: Honey Bee Bakery, 23 Public Square, Medina, Ohio  (See Map)
Cost: $15 (you can pay at event)

Who do you need to connect with? Why them? How do you find them? These and other aspects of who you need to connect to will be explored and discussed.

You’ll gain an understanding on how to set up your Networking Efforts to find these ‘Real’ Networking Partners, and you’ll be able to put it into action right away as you network. Also, you’ll gain some new networking partners as you network at this event.


EVENT ON THE HORIZON: Keep an eye out for the next round of my Networking Extravaganza’s. I’m preparing one in Medina and Canton, Ohio for the Spring/Summer of 2018. Also, preparing for one’s in Akron & Strongsville, Ohio for the the year 2018. There are still some ‘Hosting’ spots open–if you’re interested or would like to know what it means to host, please email me here and I will get you the information.

Hope to see you soon.

ONward, Bob Arnold


As an author, networker, and architect, Bob simply believes in and has seen networking make phenomenal changes in people’s lives and businesses. Check out Bob’s story.


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As an author, networker, and architect, Bob simply believes in and has seen networking make phenomenal changes in people’s lives and businesses. Check out Bob’s story.