Pencil Point’s Kickoff: An Open Letter

December 20, 2017


An Open Letter To The Networker Among Us


As you well know, networking is not something you can put into the hands of just anyone in your business. It suffers from a poor reputation that all there is to it is ‘meeting people.’ Somehow, new customers will just show up on your doorstep if you just go to a networking meeting and meet people.

Networking is an art that has been with us since our earliest days on this earth, both as a person and as a species. It is an art that is both natural and acutely sensitive to our every move, and yet we treat it as if it will magically happen. Success with networking takes some work, both before and after the networking event you attend.

In Chapter 8 of my book, The Uncanny Power of the Networking Pencil, you may have seen these words, “A networking event is an opportunity for greatness. It’s your own choice to be great—or not!” Those words capture the dream we have for our networking & they capture the terror we face. It doesn’t have to be terrifying, but for many it is.

We gather as people to bring each other up in the world, to find purpose, to ‘find out’ what’s going on, and to see where that next customer may be coming from. I want to caution you to keep your networking a deeply rewarding activity. That will take a bit of work and attitude on your part. Fortunately, there are those of us who have gone before and are trying to blaze the trail for you to come along. You are on a journey right along with us and we are all glad we are networking.
You see, networking doesn’t have to be scary, nor does it need to cause us to sweat—we just need a bit of mentoring in how to find our purpose with it.

This blog, “Bob’s Pencil Point’s” is designed to help with the journey you’re on. I have sharpened my pencil and will be putting it to the paper with diligence and purpose. I don’t charge for the info contained within, yet there will be many topics you may want to dig a bit deeper in, so I will set up special times for us to get together and explore the topics in greater depth. I am calling you to join with me in this endeavor and let’s explore networking together. Take heart—the journey will be long, but our cause is one that can reap great rewards—both personally and professionally. There’s much more to learn about how to be successful at networking than meets the eye.

Keep your eyes open to the possibilities and watch for this blog on a more regular basis as I intend to be more diligent in its publishing. I also hope you will engage with it on my website and help us all to grow by your engagement and experiences.


EVENT ON THE HORIZON: Keep an eye out for the next round of my Networking Extravaganza’s. I’m preparing one in Medina and Canton, Ohio for the Spring of 2018. Also, preparing for one’s in Akron & Strongsville, Ohio for the the year 2018. There are still some ‘Hosting’ spots open–if you’re interested or would like to know what it means to host, please email me here and I will get you the information.

Hope to see you soon.


ONward, Bob Arnold


As an author, networker, and architect, Bob simply believes in and has seen networking make phenomenal changes in people’s lives and businesses. Check out Bob’s story.


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As an author, networker, and architect, Bob simply believes in and has seen networking make phenomenal changes in people’s lives and businesses. Check out Bob’s story.