Everybody Has a Voice!

Everybody has a voice!

“Why aren’t you working on big Concert Halls?” I was asked by an architectural client of mine one day as he watched me work on a model of an innovative new building concept I was developing for his company. He went on: “As I watch you develop this building, I can’t help but get visions of you designing ‘great performance halls’ where people would enjoy themselves and be changed by what is carried out on stage. Your vision and intuition in these things is wasted on this industrial building—there’s so much more to you than this. I know, because I’ve listened to your explanation of how this building will enhance my business and I’ve watched you as you work.”

He was serious. I was flabbergasted!

Many thoughts about it have crossed my mind over the last few years as I’ve continued with my architectural practice & as I’ve developed into a networking mentor. But, something struck me yesterday as this topic came up in a conversation I was having with my financial advisors. One of them said as we talked, “So Bob, you want to produce change in the world—have a lasting effect.” , he said. To which I replied, “Yes.”  However, as it has worked in my head since yesterday, I’ve realized that’s not the real, or complete, intent.

I’ve realized: My concert hall is you, the individual, the inventor, the innovator, the one who cares about others. You cross many disciplines, many industries, many environments, and many networks, but you all have one thing in common–You All Have a Voice!

Your life is the performance I like to see shine; your life is where performance is carried out. It’s not always pretty, but its life.

Your environment is your concert hall. My function and desire is to shape and fashion your concert hall into an environment that makes it easy and natural for you to shine. This environment can be a building or a mindset you develop--it’s what you operate in that matters.

Those are not just words—they are a declaration! My ‘Voice’ (destiny) is to help you see the beauty and challenges of your environment so we can develop that environment into a concert hall that supports your mission. This happens in your networking and in your physical work environment (facility).

 “How’s your Concert Hall?” Does your ‘Voice’ ring out yet? Who’s hearing it?

For one person, it has brought out Joy that’s going to have an effect on many people. That’s cool! (Hint: click the word ‘Joy’ for the story)

BONUS TIP: Ever noticed how a ‘hot’ day affects your mood? Your environment for networking works in the same way. There are way too many networking environment that are toxic to your growth. We all need to know and have our environments shaped so that we can shine–then growth happens. Don’t leave it up to chance like so many people do!

Let’s take a look at ‘your voice’ together and start your transformation. I’ll be introducing a workshop program titled ‘Your Networking Voice’ in the Spring of 2018 at my next Networking Extravaganza, so let me know HERE if you would like to receive information about it. This is going to be dynamic in people’s lives! Get introduced to the essence of networking’s voice in my book:

The Uncanny Power of the Networking Pencil

The Natural, No-Anxiety Way to Spot Results-Oriented Networking Partners–Fast!

I look forward to working with you, especially if you dare to shine!

ONward, Bob Arnold


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