When you were first born you were cute! Or at least everyone said so.

It was easy to get people’s attention. It was easy to meet people. All you had to do was smile or make funny noises. You even learned that screaming your head off got attention. And, tears—oh my, what effect they have…

Why did meeting people get so complicated? It got complicated as you were told about, or experienced, all the ‘bad people.’ We learn not to talk to strangers—strangers are bad!

Pretty soon in life you most likely learned to ride a bike. It was not an easy task.

In fact, there was a lot of anxiety associated with it because you knew you were going to fall down.

Learning to ride a bike is not done buy just watching someone or by reading a book. It is learned by learning what not to do that causes a failure (falling down). You actually ‘must’ experience it by getting ‘On the bike!’

How steady is your hand holding the handlebars? Your balance has to be learned all over again.

But once you get it you never forget how to ride a bike. And, the benefits of that learning—Oh my, they are exponential!

You may have been cute when you were born and found it easy to meet people, but that gracefulness may have become much more challenging—especially in the business arena.

It’s the most common complaint I hear as I run networking events. We’ve forgotten some basic principles of how to meet and grow with people.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Check out the Networking Extravaganza, starting this Wednesday in Medina, Ohio.

Once you learn, you’ll never forget. It’s as easy as learning to ride a bike!

And, the benefits? Oh my…you won’t believe!


BONUS TIP: Learning to ride a bike takes concentration, quick action, watching little successes turn into failure, and listening to Dad as he helps you understand the mistakes you make. Sound a little like networking? You bet!

Hope to see you there.

ONward, Bob Arnold


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