Spring is in the Air!

Every year I wonder what it is that makes Spring so magical. I think it’s the smell that floats through the air–even though the flowers haven’t started blooming yet. Okay, for you hard-liners, I know there are a few that have bloomed, but not the heavy on-slot that is yet to come. It seems the animals start moving around a little easier and the baby birds start filling the air with their harmony (you probably call it chirping, but to me it’s a harmony).

But, there’s something else too–the fact that we can start freely networking with people again without all the winter garb on that inhibits us from being ourselves as we shiver in the cold. I love to see the trees and the landscape fill in, just like I love to see a networkers influence grow through their network.

So, listen up to this little video I prepared for you:


(Transcript of video)

Hi Everyone;

This is Bob Arnold and I’m out in the middle of the woods again!

It’s time to get back to doing the videos. Last one was in November and so I’m back to being in the woods. It’s time! Winter is over! This is actually April 9th and I’m out on a trail in the Hinckley Reservation in Ohio. You probably can see some branches and trees down behind me in the distance from the recent winds we had in the area.

Believe it or not—just two days ago we had 4 inches of snow come down overnight. Almost shut school down on Friday, but some of them persevered and stayed open.

I want to let you know that I’m starting off spring with an event—It’s the Networking Extravaganza. I’m starting the first meeting of three this Wednesday (April 12th) at the Medina Community Recreation Center. Sign-in is at 9:30 am with the main program staring at 10:30 am (there will be a mini-start at 10:00 am for those of you who are there) and it goes till 3:30 in the afternoon.

The reason I’m doing this is there are a lot of people who tell me that they are having a lot of difficulty on how to actually make their contact lists work for them. So, we will be working on that.

In fact, I’m guaranteeing that you will have 3 new effective contacts by the time you finish out the full three session series. Each session is 2 weeks apart with different things going on at each one, but you can find out what that is by going to www.onwardnetworking.com/events (or HERE). You’ll see a letter and sign-up form there along with the program & cost of attending.

I hope to see you there. Let me know if you’d like to attend at this email address. Just send the form in and we will get you signed up for it.

ONE Other Thing! By signing up and coming, you will get a free copy of my new book “The Uncanny Power of the Networking Pencil” (you can see it here) + you will get the resource materials that you’ll need to ‘build a model’ of your contact list. YES! A model that you will be able to look at, be able to take home with you to see what is going on in the list; who should be in the list; and, who shouldn’t be in your contact list.

So, let me know! Again, Go Here for the info or Email me Here

I’m looking forward to seeing you again soon and getting to more videos out here in the woods.

ONward, Bob


So, if networking is in your blood and you want to be more effective in how you meet, and find, people who are more effective in your contact group (influence group), then come on and join us for some real learning that will put your contact list in the ‘effective’ pile on your desk.

If you can’t commit to all three meetings up front, there is a per-meeting option on the sign-up sheet–take advantage of it and at least be at the first one so you can make some progress.

NOTE: The Networking Extravaganza will be the topic of your conversations for awhile after you complete them, because you will find that an effective contact list is like upping your marketing budget by 100% without spending a dime.

BONUS TIP: Influence is the number one characteristic of those who make a splash in the world–even in our community, that’s true.

Hope to see you there.

ONward, Bob Arnold


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