…where we ‘value’ people, enjoy finding new contacts, and ‘want to learn’ more about making our networking effective.

There’s nothing in the Networking World that’s worse than ‘Spin’–those times when you feel trapped in your networking, you feel frazzled running from one event to another, and you feel depressed because you aren’t finding any new contacts. In my new book “The Uncanny Power of the Networking Pencil” I’ve made it plain that it’s up to you to make a visit to a networking event a productive venture for you. Now understand though, while the responsibility is upon you, there are many networking events you attend that are not designed to set the stage for your success.

That’s why I’ve taken your criticism of event hopping seriously and designed an event that is set up for your success. First off the people in the room will only be there because they place ‘value’ on you as a person. Second, those in the room are interested in finding new contacts who can become ‘Networking Partners’  with you of the highest order. And, third, everyone present is interested in ‘learning’ a little about how they can become a more effective networker, so they want to hear some clarity about some sticky networking issue–at this event it will be about “How to Increase Your Success Rate Directly from Your Current Network!”

Sign up link is HERE

So, watch this ‘Spin-video’ I prepared for you:


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Bob Arnold of ONward Networking presenting the next edition of Bob’s Pencil Point’s blog.

I’m out here in beautiful Allardale Park in the Medina County Park District and I need to tell you about something people keep mentioning to me.

There’s something you feel, many, many times as you’re going to networking events: before you know it you feel like you’re just going in circles—you’re going to this event, and that event at that place, and that place, and that place. Before you know it you’re just going around, and around, and around, and running from one place to another, feeling all shook up about where you should be.

Even though, like in this view, there are endless horizons in front of you when you attend a networking event.

It’s ‘True’ that there are!

But, I’ve got to tell you that too many of us find problems with our networking—we find it is not effective for us.

In my book, The Uncanny Power of the Networking Pencil, in chapter 8 (Networking Events—The Pencil at Work) the Napkin Note reads: The Networking Event is an opportunity for greatness! It’s your choice to be Great—or Not!

Too many of us just feel like we are spinning our wheels at networking events.

So, what I’ve done is design a networking event that will take place on April 26th. It will be in Brunswick, Ohio from 4:30 – 6:00 pm.

We will have a variety of things there that foster networking interaction:

  • there will be a teaching piece where I will explain about ‘How we can turn our contact lists into effective lists for us,’
  • We will also have a little bit of fun. There will be a ‘Virtual-Reality’ set up by Scene 75 who will show us some action from a virtual reality angle. (They are opening a new location in Brunswick soon.)
    • Too many times we wish we could just put on a pair of goggles and walk through an event feeling secure and effective. But, that’s not the real world—even though it might feel like it.

We need to work forward; we need to have networking that works!

It’s only $15 to attend and there will be some snacks and food there for you.  Sign up link is HERE

You will get to meet some great people in the room who will want to network with you.

I’ll also tell you a little bit about what’s going on with my Networking Extravaganza which is in progress and, by time of this event, two of the three sessions will have been completed.

I invite you to join us:

April 26, 2017 at KHM Travel Group, 1152 Pearl Road in Brunswick, Ohio

Sign up link is HERE

If the link does not work, put the following in your browser: http://bit.ly/2pTsYmJ


I look forward to seeing you there. This is going to be an event not like most other ones you attend. It’s important to me to help you be effective in your networking—and, find your own Greatness!

ONward, Bob Arnold

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There you have it– Let’s Network!

Sign up link is HERE


BONUS TIP: When you attend a networking event–DON’T try to meet EVERYONE in the room; make it your goal to meet 5 people that you get to know a little about. Look for Networking Partners–Not business cards.

Hope to see you there.

ONward, Bob Arnold


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