It’s you! (I’m just going to say it right up front.)

You have it all set; your mindset to meet her, the focus on how to work the conversation, the intention to learn about her—not focus on you.

Then you walked through the door! Your heart is pounding! You’re looking around the room.

There she is! And, she’s not talking with anyone!

She’s the person you had found out from the host would be there, but had never met before. The person who could provide work opportunities for you, or help you connect with others who can.

“I’ve got this!” you said.

As you started walking over—there they were! The ones you always see at events like this, the ones you talk with all the time. They’re not your customers and they don’t send you any good connections—but you’re friends.

Distracted, you say “Hi!” You pause. You get in a conversation about something that’s going on in both of your worlds; the weather, workload, or some common interest.

Next thing you know the Host is asking everyone to sit down because the main part of the event is starting.

Your mind snaps! You did it again!

You look over, only to see the person you had planned to meet—sitting with your competitor.

You cringe!

You did it again—lost your focus—got distracted!


Because, you are the distraction!

Instead of staying in a comfort zone with someone you know very well, just say “Hi! I’ll get with you later.” and go on to that person you had intended to meet—your friend will understand.

Be a connector, not a distraction.

Meet someone new today.


Bonus Tip:  You might even introduce your friend to her–after you have had a conversation and know a little about each other! Otherwise, you may just be setting up another distraction–more on that later.


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ONward, Bob Arnold


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