Valuable lesson in this post—I got surprised this week, pleasantly, that is!

I was just reading a post from another blogger friend (Michael Port, Founder of Book Yourself Solid® Worldwide) and he commented on how his assistant turned his attention to a place online where Doctoral candidates post their dissertation titles. One caveat though—they are required to turn their title into a single sentence anyone would understand! Oh-Oh; that could be quite a task I thought.

The title of one was: Studies on an Arabidopsis thaliana MYB Transcription Factor Involved in Heat and Salt Tolerance

It got posted as: Plants will die if you put them in the oven.

Well now, I don’t know about you, but I certainly understood the second rendition a lot quicker than I did the first! (Actually, I still don’t understand the first one.)

His post caught my eye because of something that happened to me this week. I hosted a couple of networking events on Thursday (National Coffee Day) at coffee shops and had planned to debut my new diagram representing 10 networking tips—in fact, I had titled it: 10 Results-Oriented Tips for Networking Success. No Kidding—that’s what I called it! I thought it was succinct enough.

During the week, Donna, my talented go-to graphic artist at 2d3d Group here in Medina, Ohio, sent me a prototype to look over & simply said “Take a look at Bob’s Mountain inside.” Simple comment that knocked me off my seat—before I even took a look at what she sent me. The graphic was even more spectacular—I love it when someone “gets it” from a simple diagram & explanation I give of what’s in my head.

But, back to the title—she captured the image in two words: Bob’s Mountain.

Here’s the lesson: Quit trying to be so succinct and descriptive of what you’re putting out there for someone else to read—most of it is boring. The main point of a title is to draw someone into your paper, book, or picture. Keep it simple, and memorable!

I see the same thing going on with networking introductions. Someone feels like they have to give me all the intricate details of how they do the job they do, with disclaimers and all, when all I’d really like to know is an easy way to remember them later. Those long dissertations lose people—Keep it short; keep it memorable; keep it on-point; and, you will capture someone’s imagination with your product or service.

By the way, the two networking events went great and we all got to know each other and learn some valuable nuggets about how to get results from our networking.

You’ll be hearing more about Bob’s Mountain!

Bonus Tip:  2-7 words are all it takes to capture an imagination, preferably 2-3!


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ONward, Bob Arnold

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