At first, I didn’t see anyone I knew—I walked around the tent and texted one of my past classmates who I knew would be there and stood waiting for the ribbon-cutting to happen.

I remember to this day, 42 years ago, when I first experienced Taylor Hall at Kent State University—the top floor of which was dedicated as a studio for the long hours we students of architecture would spend captured in its glass walls working on our projects.

…then Kath, one of my classmates of the 1978 graduating class walked up & we reintroduced ourselves and she escorted me to a seat in the reserved section of the ceremony.

We were there for the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the newly built building which will now house the Architecture School.


  • It’s a beautiful design
  • It’s State of the Art
  • It provides the atmosphere needed to design
  • It’s prominent
  • It was commissioned well

As I toured the building, I started discussions with a few students and found myself remembering the excitement I felt those years I spent in such a space seeking inspiration for the next design project I was assigned. I smiled as I listened to their stories…



There were 12 of us from our original graduating class who came to witness this event that gathered afterward around a meal and liquid refreshments—catching up on each others lives and the lives and adventures other classmates had experienced who were not present or who have departed from this world since graduation. It was good and sobering to hear and see what had become of so many of us. There were:

  • Dreams realized
  • Dreams shattered
  • Accomplishments made
  • Accomplishments dashed
  • Families built
  • Some retired
  • Some expired
  • Rumors revealed
  • Remembrances refreshed

Yet you’ll find us across the world executing our craft.

It’s humbling to not recognize someone from your own class, yet it brings a smile to my face to see some that I remember having certain characteristics, still exhibiting them and others who act a lot different than I remember. Many of those present I spent time studying architecture in Europe with for 12-14 weeks during our 4th year of architecture school.

The main Point here is that for each of us there are groups we remember and I want you to heed the fact that those people who share the journey with you will always be soul-mates of yours and, in the networking world, they are groups you can (or should) count on as you live your life.

Yet, too many of us move on and discard old friends and fellow travelers as irrelevant or of no importance. It’s sad, but it is also a part of life.

I enjoyed myself as we all shared memories and laughs and I count it a privilege to call them all friends.

My world wouldn’t be the same without them and neither would yours, after all we have designed many of the buildings that you frequent or spend much of your time in & some of us will continue to do so.

Bonus Tip:  This is especially for those of you who are in college right now—the people around you, your professors and other college students, are members of your influence group. You will find that as time goes on, those you met while schooling, in a Fraternity or Sorority, will be ones you will take a call from anytime they call. You will find they will help at the drop of a hat. Make sure you build a strong network while you’re there! YOUR CAREER DEPENDS ON IT!


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ONward, Bob Arnold


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