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There’s a mysterious quality to the bend in a road!

It’s like its saying; “Come here; you’ve GOT to see this!”

Yet, mystery is where opportunity presents itself…

And, opportunity is where our growth happens.

     So, we rush to the corners!

And as we round the corner—it whispers back; “Nice Job, just a little farther.”

Your next #bigbreak, lies around corners.

     Corners of hope!

     Corners of intrigue!

     Corners of mystery!

     Corners of results!

Corners are usually seen up ahead—although sometimes they can come upon us quite suddenly—yet they surprise us once we are around them.

Sometimes we see another corner up ahead.

Sometimes we see an open road.

Sometimes we see a crossroads where a decision has to be made on which way to go.

But, no matter what, there’s no question we are on a journey.

Throughout my career big breaks have come when least expected. It was actually my boss at the time that encouraged me to buy into another architectural company, helped set it up for me, and then became a client once I did. It is part of my #bigbreak and modified the path I thought I was really on. It actually boosted me about 6 years ahead of my original plan!

Those corners are usually curved, like the one in the photo, because we need to keep moving in order to get ahead. I’ve never heard of a stopped car moving me forward. It may be pointed in the right direction, but it’s not moving and it takes a lot more energy to move it forward then driving around a bend.

A more recent #bigbreak happened when I finally decided to start writing my book. I had decided to put the book together from material I developed as I lead my workshop groups on how to be very effective in their business networking. About half way through the writing and assembling of that book, I went around an unexpected corner. A corner that took me by surprise! I held on, controlled the skid, and ended up in a place I had been looking for, but didn’t realize I had been looking for.

I ended up identifying where the real power lies in each of us as we network—it’s called the ‘essence’—and as I rounded that corner, I never looked back. You see, understanding how to network and getting the correct mindset in place…

  • took all of the anxiety away from my networking,
  • referrals have become much easier to make happen,
  • making sure I’m connecting with the right people has become much easier,
  • and most of all I’ve realized how to get great results from my networking.

So, anxiety gone, easier referrals, the right connections, and great results? Who wouldn’t want that?

That’s a lot to take in for right now and I think its best for you to ponder about where you think the power is in networking that brings around those kinds of results and I’ll explain in my next post about how those results can be yours. Student’s—You’ll especially want to hear what comes next! This piece was another #bigbreak that made implementation of that power all the more effective for me and many I coach/work with in our businesses and our networking.


Something to Consider

You may be part of a group of agents (real estate, insurance, etc.) or in an association or group that regularly attends networking functions, yet you walk out feeling unsatisfied with the results—in other words you don’t have any good leads to follow up on—and yet feel that there are opportunities in that group for real results. Email me and let’s explore a 1-hour introductory session with your group or look at more in-depth training that digs out the ‘real’ opportunities that lie around the corners you’re facing.


In a nutshell: When you face an unknown ahead (a bend in the road), keep moving, and embrace what’s on the other side. Understand where the power of networking resides and look at how to leverage it in your business.

Bonus Tip: We all have a fear factor when it comes to the unknown, and that includes meeting someone for the first time. Embrace it, flow through it, keep your focus on the other person, and don’t let silence stop you in your tracks. Whatever you do—don’t look in the mirror!


ONward, Bob Arnold


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As an author, networker, and architect, Bob has found himself in a unique position of seeing and understanding the uniqueness of many seeking career development and enjoyment in their professional life. He creates Networking Success Mastermind groups to explore opportunities that are present for those in business. He has a new group planned to start in October. Let him know if you’re interested.

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