“You Can…

…always do more than you think you can.” John Wooden many times said.

I was walking through the grocery store a couple of days ago and the reality of that quote dropped right into my lap. “Young man,” I heard, “could you reach that bottle of Ric____ off of the top shelf for me–it’s right there (then she spelled it). I can’t reach it. Could you help get me one?” “Thank you very much.” And she turned, putting the bottle in her cart and went on down the isle. I told her “You’re very welcome.” and stood there with a smile on my face as we went our separate ways, having made each others lives a little better.

There are many of us on this planet & we are of all shapes, sizes, heights, abilities, and talents, but when it comes to getting or reaching something we need to make us better–why don’t we just ask when we have difficulty reaching it? This lady just reached success in her journey through the store that evening. John Wooden led many very successful basketball teams, but he did much more than win championships; he developed people and hearts! The reality of his quote above is that you ‘Can always do more than you think you can’ when you are part of a team and he developed some of the best.

It takes many hours of writing, editing, reworking text, thought, and rewriting to write a book. I finished that effort several months ago and thought I was ready to publish. What I have found out is if you want your book to get to the people that need it most and who can be helped by it, you must prepare for it. You need a team to accomplish the goals before you–whether they are self imposed or not.

My book, “The Uncanny Power of the Networking Pencil” came to fruition through much work, teaching, contemplation, restarts, and procrastination. It is now time to publish. Keep your eye out for the launch date that I will be announcing soon and if you know someone who could use a boost in their networking, forward this post to them and have them sign up to receive these blog posts and to become a part of the revolution in business networking that I’ve written about and that they can experience.

ONward, Bob Arnold


The Networking Pencil

The Networking Pencil

It’s Time to Stop Saying:

“I Get So Nervous When I Network!”
“I’ve had enough—Networking doesn’t work!”

And Start Saying:

“WOW—Networking does work & I’m Not Anxious At All!”

Being anxious while networking is the #1 cause of lost opportunity.
Why? Because we get all uptight when we don’t think that we are getting out of it what we think we should.
Finally, you can understand the essence that makes networking tick.


Where Have all the Networkers Gone?

To the beach of course! Where else could they be?

Networking in the summer is actually quite a busy activity; although it does take on a little different look. We take vacations; we go on bike trips; we go to see historic sites; we run/bike on the bike trails; and we go swimming or lay on the beach and watch others swim. During all of these activities, there is ample time to network. Listen to how a couple of summer activities for me have resulted in a couple of new projects for my architectural practice and three new potential networking coaching clients in my coaching business. Here’s the stories.

I go camping every year over the 4th of July and the grand kids bring their parents along for the trip (our daughter). Their family and my wife spend 3-4 days there & I spend a week. While I was sitting by my fire reading a book (everyone else had already left) a man and his wife came along the trail in a golf cart and we struck up a conversation. As we were talking, as it usually does, the topic of work came up (we had been talking about our dogs before this) and they asked me what I did. As I replied, I simply said that “I help people make sense out of their facilities and create atmospheres where networking can flourish.” I should mention that they are retired and live in a trailer at the campsite.

My response started a lengthy conversation where I found out that they used to own a company that had several buildings and they had never heard of looking at a building as a networking tool. I explained to them that a companies building (and a families home for that matter) is one of the best tools they have at their disposal to open up networking opportunities. I’ll expand on that truth in my next post and let you in on the other ‘summer’ opportunities I’ve had over the last several weeks.

Enjoy your summer and expand your networking opportunities–don’t just vegetate!

ONward, Bob