In Your Face…

…is how true networking is best done!

Now, before you place your fingers around my throat and squeeze, let me explain.

With the vast expansion of the online networking social sites, there has come along the attitude and belief that all networking can be done online. It simply isn’t true. The online social sites can be used to get a relationship started with someone, however when it gets to the level of trusting someone, we human beings need to have the face-to-face encounter to cross the barrier of trust.

There are far too many clues about a person’s character that we pick up at a face-to-face meeting that we miss when engaging someone online.

What are your thoughts on the matter? I’d love to hear.

ONward, Bob

It’s Way too Easy

…to dismiss someone we just met as being out-of-it when the real person we should be looking at is ourselves!

This may seem a bit harsh at first blush, but I read recently that if we were asked ‘what it is that makes us successful, what would we answer’—most of us would instinctively answer that it was because of our skills, talents, luck, or degrees.

The real reason we find success is because of our ‘Mindset!’ Yes, it’s true, your Mindset is the most important ingredient that leads to your success mainly because it is what puts the context around every other amenity we may have that helps us get the job done.

When we meet someone new, we will tend to qualify them by what we ‘see’ in their character or abilities to connect with us in conversation, or how they handle themselves at the lunch table. The problem is that they may just be nervous or be going through a tough time at the moment you met them. If your mindset is such that you judge them by their looks or actions, you will quickly walk away from a situation that could be a great one for you.

However, if your mindset is focused on drawing the real person out of them, you will look past the outside and dig into some deeper likes and dislikes the person may have by asking them a couple of questions that help them to relax and feel like they are talking to a friend—because they are doing just that.

Go find a new friend today & see if you and they have some common interests!

ONward, Bob

The Networking Pencil

It’s Time to Stop Saying:

“I Get So Nervous When I Network!”
“I’ve had enough—Networking doesn’t work!”

And Start Saying:

“WOW—Networking does work & I’m Not Anxious At All!”

Being anxious while networking is the #1 cause of lost opportunity.
Why? Because we get all uptight when we don’t think that we are getting out of it what we think we should.
Finally, you can understand the essence that makes networking tick.


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