Results-Oriented Networking Partners are Within Reach

Anxiety Melts Away & Referrals become Commonplace

“How can that be?” you ask.

Because we will ‘whack’ the fear factor to the curb—ironically by using natural forces you already possess. I’ve identified the ‘Power-center’ of networking & will help you get it energizing your life to form you into a connector of note.


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What’s In a Journey?

I continually find that our Journey’s twist and turn.

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Pencil Point’s Kickoff: An Open Letter

Networking is not something you can put into the hands of just anyone!

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Connecting – A Frightening Prospect!

Do you make yourself ‘hard to meet?’ Many of us do! Why?

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Everybody Has a Voice!

Your life is the performance I like to see shine; your life is where performance is carried out. It’s not always pretty, but its life. “How’s your Concert Hall?”

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An ONward Networking Event…

There’s nothing in the Networking World that’s worse than ‘Spin’–those times when you feel trapped in your networking, you feel frazzled running from one event to another, and you feel depressed because you aren’t finding any new contacts…I’ve taken your criticism of event hopping seriously and designed an event that is set up for your success.

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Spring is in the Air – it’s Extravaganza Time!

Every year I wonder what it is that makes Spring so magical. I think it’s the smell that floats through the air–even though the flowers haven’t started blooming yet.

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…you were cute!

When you were first born you were cute! Or at least everyone said so.

It was easy to get people’s attention. It was easy to meet people. All you had to do was…

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Story Upping!

Ever wonder why someone you just met all of a sudden loses interest in you right in the middle of a great story you’re telling them? You’re probably the victim of “Story Upping” and don’t even know it. Log cabins have a sense of peace, security, hominess and, comfort...
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Broken Trees & Masterminds

I realized that you, as you work in your business, look for places that are custom made for your growth. Well, I don’t want to hide this one from you–in fact, you are welcome to join in for a special Mastermind Discovery Session happening this Saturday,...
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Networking Distraction

  It’s you! (I’m just going to say it right up front.) You have it all set; your mindset to meet her, the focus on how to work the conversation, the intention to learn about her—not focus on you. Then you walked through the door! Your heart is pounding!...
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